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Florida Keys and Key West Fishing Charters and Guide Service specializing Permit on the Backcountry Flats and Inshore waters of Islamorada and Key West


Rockport, Texas is known for its roomy beaches and big redfish. And when you're wearing these extra large fit rimless sunglasses, equipped with the largest 580P lenses we make, those reds won't have anywhere to hide. Made with a tough, TR90 nylon, Rockports can take whatever the water dishes out.


  • Hinge Type: Integral
  • Lens Size: 69mm/42mm
  • Temple Length: 125mm
  • Bridge/DBL: 16mm/15mm
  • Base Curve: 8 base
  • Frame Material: Nylon
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Not RX-ABLE
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LOWRANCE BROADBAND RADAR | posted 04.09.2011

Lowrance has introduced a revolutionary new radar system unlike anything else on the recreational boating market. Utilizing solid-state technology, this breakthrough technology provides superior target detection and separation, ease of operation, and a new level of navigational safety to a wide range of boats.






  • An ideal match for almost any vessel thanks to the exclusive technology and performance characteristics of Broadband Radar.
  • A superb navigation complement to large radar systems on power and sailing yachts with unparalleled short-range resolution and discrimination.
  • A revolutionary new primary radar for small to medium-sized vessels with very user-friendly operation.
  • Safest transmission energy levels, small size, minimal power requirements; the advantages of sophisticated radar for all boats.
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YETI COOLERS | posted 01.26.2011

YETI Tundra Coolers are built to take the rugged abuse that comes with the way we work and play. Unlike ordinary coolers, which are essentially “disposable”, a YETI is made to last!

Keeping things cold is what a cooler is all about. With thicker walls, more than twice the insulation and a full-frame gasket, YETI Coolers outperform the competition – it’s not even close!

*Available in White and Desert Tan



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FIN NOR MARQUESAS| posted 08.10.2010

Fin-Nor's newest reel series is the ultimate offering of precision, strength and refinement. Marquesa is ideal for fishing the new, thinner braided superlines in a new platform design that is lighter, faster, and stronger than anything you've ever seen on the water.

Marquesa is precision-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, and features one of the strongest drag systems ever put into a reel — stronger, in fact, than many "international-type" reels that are mych bigger and heavier.

The Marquesa series come in two models types: a topless model for easy spool access and control, and a model with a top bar (T) that kite fishermen will especially appreciate. Kite fishermen will also appreciate the dial that allows custom adjustment of clicker tension. The top bar models are pefect for challenging sailfish and the techniques needed to catch them.

Marquesas are the perfect reels for tournament fishing or stand-up fishing with newer, stronger lines and fishing techniques. Marquesa is big fish stopping power in a very refined package.


• Precision-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
• Carbon-fiber drag system
• Fast 6.1:1 Retrieve Ratio
• Adjustable lever drag
• Dial-adjustable clicker tension
• Ergonomic crank handle
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SCOTT S4S Fly Rod | posted 03.18.2010

Fly Fishing in saltwater is evolving.  Leaders are longer, tippets finer and fly sizes smaller. Add to that incessant winds, flat light from clouds, and competition from other guides and anglers, and the saltwater game is as challenging as any in fishing.

We’re meeting those challenges head on with the S4s series of high performance saltwater rods.

Their fast actions balance light in the hand and generate high line speed for quick spot-on presentations. With our industry leading reinforcement technology, S4s rods reduce tracking error and deliver outstanding durability so you can turn powerful fish quickly.

Each component on S4s rods was selected for ultimate performance in harsh saltwater environments. They feature stealthy low glare finishes and the best corrosion resistance available from nickel titanium Recoil snake guides, to SiC strippers housed in full titanium frames to our new machined reel seats featuring type 3 hard coat anodize finishes.

You won’t find a tougher, better performing rod on the flats. Evolve with the sport and fish a Scott S4s saltwater rod.


Why Titanium and Type 3?

We use the most durable high performance components available on S4s rods.

SiC guides in real titanium frames, nickel titanium Recoil snakes and rugged Type 3 anodized aluminum reel seats resist corrosion and scratches, so you can have complete confidence in harsh saltwater environments.
  • Material: Multi modulus graphite layups with ARC reinforcement
  • Cork: Flor
  • Reel Seat: REC machined aluminum uplock with Type 3 anodize
  • Guides: REC Recoil nickel titanium snakes, titanium SiC stripping guides
  • Case/Liner: Aluminum tube with Scott cloth line
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Get The Whole Picture

See Like A Fish to Find Fish. Only Better. | posted 03.01.2010

Introducing the most incredible tool for improving fishing success ever devised by Lowrance, for all HDS displays. With years of developing and testing, to make it right and make it more, Lowrance StructureScan™ sonar imaging takes fish- and structure-finding to the highest level of viewing detail ever achieved. It’s the first to give you full and phenomenal panoramic underwater sonar imaging with picture-perfect viewing. Scans left…scans right…AND for the first time, scans straight down from your boat!

The whole, big picture with added extras to remove all guesswork. So you spend more productive time fishing.
Catching is still up to you.


  • SideScan Imaging Detail
    Select SideScan full-screen viewing for supercrisp
    detail with 480 ft./146 m side-to-side
    underwater coverage. The amazing
    StructureScan™ imaging feature shows targets
    as well as their imaging scan shadows – game
    fish and baitfish alike.

    You cover more water in less time while targeting fish and fish-holding structure with
    superb detail. Plus, with the unique TrackBack™ tool, you can easily scroll back in sonar
    history to find locations and set waypoints.

  • New DownScan Imaging™ Advantage
    Welcome to the incredible and innovative new
    dimension in Lowrance fish-finding -- high-detail
    sonar image scanning focused straight
    down below your boat!

    Employ this exclusive StructureScan™ feature,
    and there’s no more guessing. Submerged
    timber looks exactly like timber. So do brush,
    pilings and stumps. You get the picture. Or, you
    will with your Lowrance HDS display.

  • SideScan + DownScan Imaging™ Edge
    Merging Lowrance side and down sonar scans
    in split-screen gives you the absolute best of
    both worlds in high-detail panoramic imaging for
    fish- and structure-finding on your HDS display.

    SideScan for wide-area surveys. DownScan
    Imaging™ for more well-defined scrutiny.
    Together, the clearest way to view and attack
    sweet spots ever devised. Cursor over locations
    for helpful depth and distance detail for new
    precision in bait or lure presentations. Or, to set a waypoint.

    You’ve never seen anything like this before. Because there’s never been anything like it before

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DownScan Imaging™ + 2D Sonar WOW Factor
Here’s an exclusive new Lowrance advantage that’s nothing less than
astounding and incredibly helpful.

Even with the exceptional Broadband Sounder™ technology built into most
HDS models, traditional 2D sonar displays can be tricky to interpret. Timber,
dock pilings and cables, rocks and other structure can look like a school of
large fish. Or, a stack of large fish may be mistaken for structure.

Not any more. Compare DownScan Imaging™ with 2D HDS sonar viewing in
split-screen, and you’ll remove all doubt.

The StructureScan™ sonar imaging 455/800 kHz transducer works in
tandem with your HDS 2D sonar transducer without cross-talk interference.

Plus, as an added benefit, comparing the two helps you learn to “read” 2D
sonar displays with much greater accuracy.

Good thing for you. Not exactly good news for fish.

Catch more fish with the Power Pole! | posted 1.21.2010

The Ultimate Shallow Water Anchor for Salt Water and Fresh Water Fishing.
With Power-Pole you can quickly and quietly stop your boat with the touch of a button. The Power-Pole will securely hold your boat in up to 8 feet of water — even during high winds and fast currents without scaring away the fish you're trying to catch.

The Power-Pole works great in both fresh water and salt water.


  • Holds your boat* in place with winds up to 30 mph.
  • Anchor deploys in seconds, with no loud splashing to scare away the fish
  • Prevents your boat from drifting while you're re-tying your line.
  • Ideal for sight fishing.
  • Stops your boat EXACTLY where you want to stop.
  • Doesn't muddy up the water or scare fish away like a trolling motor.
  • Holds in gravel, rock, sand, grasslines, oysterbars, sandpockets...without damaging sealife or ripping up seagrass!
  • Tough as steel, won't rust - guaranteed.
  • Perfect for fresh water AND salt water fishing!
  • Tough as steel, won't rust.
  • Fish WHERE you want, WHEN you want - you have TOTAL boat control with Power-Pole.
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Quantum Cabo PT 30 Spinning Reel | posted 1.17.2010

The Cabo® PT 30 Spinning Reel is packed with performance features such as a polymer-stainless PT bearing system, a TiMAG™ salt bail system and a solid one-piece aluminum frame and side cover. MAGLOK™ magnetic Continuous Anti-Reverse™ ensures smooth casts and solid hooksets.

Corrosive sea water and big, super-aggressive fish spell trouble for ordinary tackle. That's why Quantum's engineers intentionally overbuilt this light saltwater reel, with an exclusive Saltgard™ 6-layer protective finish, custom polymer/stainless bearings, heat-defeating ceramic drag, and ultra-smooth PT™ gears bathed in Hot Sauce™ lubricant. The goal? Zero chance for failure. Ever.


  • Stacked ceramic front-adjustable drag system
  • LMS™ line management system
  • Solid one-piece aluminum frame and sidecover
  • Extra-hard PT gears
  • TiMag™ Salt titanium bail with magnetic trip
  • MAGLOK™ magnetic Continuous Anti-Reverse™
  • SaltGuard™ 6-layer corrosion protection finish
  • Forged aluminum concave spool
  • Continuous Anti-Reverse™
  • Smooth front-adjustable drag system
  • Machined aluminum handle
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