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Sharks were ignored as gamefish for many years.  In the Florida Keys, we value them for their hard fights, long runs and aggressive behavior.  Shark fishing here is different than many locations as we use the crystal clear waters to see and hunt the fish before the hook is set. 

The method to sight fishing for sharks is to use a freshly dead barracuda, bonito or other oily, bloody fish for chum to attract the predator into the area.  SE Guides select the fishing location based upon tide, wind, water conditions and recent activity.

As the scent of the fresh kill is transported by the wind and tide, the shark will smell and taste the blood from a very long way.  It has been scientifically proven that a shark can sense 1 drop of blood in 1 billion drops of water.  That makes their sense of smell one of the most acute in the entire world.  Once engaged to the scent, the shark will travel up the scent line right to the back of the boat.  Whether bait fishing,  flyfishing or fishing with artificial lures, this opportunity excites and entertains anglers of every skill level and age.

In 2006, ESPN created the first ever Catch and Release Shark Tournament called the ESPN Madfin Shark Series and the obvious place to hold the event was The Florida Keys.  The tournament followed an elimination format with 7 of the best 2 man catch and release shark fishermen in the world competing for the title.  Among these anglers was Capt. Tom Rowland.  Tom and Rich both have extensive experience catching sharks of all sizes and species.  Many World Records for sharks have come from their boats and customers from around the World flock to the Keys to fish with SE Charters for their expertise in finding and catching sharks.

The Florida Keys is home to Blacktip, Bull, Lemon, Hammerhead, Tiger, Mako, Bonnethead, Dusky, Sandbar, Nurse and Blacknose Sharks.  These species are targeted with both live and dead bait, artificial lures and fly rods in many different locations.

Tackle varies with the specie and the size of the sharks.  Fishing season is year round for sharks and anglers of all ages and skill levels can take advantage of these fantastic and aggressive creatures.
Saltwater Experience uses the Skiff, Bayboat and 36 foot Yellowfin to fish for sharks.
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