Reel for Stripers and Blues?



Name: Daniel B

Subject: Reel Reccomendations

Message: I've recently discovered your show & blog and have been binge watching ever since!

Anyways, I'm pretty far north of you guys in Cape Ann Massachusetts. Right now I'm not doing much fishing as it is becoming more and more frigid outside (and the worst has yet to come...) I've been getting my saltwater gear upgraded for the Striper season and need some advice on a new reel. I'm more of the weekend warrior type fisherman and not so much a professional. I typically use 20 - 30lb test and don't go in very deep water when I'm out on the boat, but would like to venture a little deeper this coming season. I use live bait (typically fresh caught Mackerel). I would like to get a versatile setup for Striper, Blue fish etc. I have a few rods that I have been using for years and they range from 6-7 feet. I'd like to get a new reel for my 7ft rod.

I've been looking at Shimano Baitrunners, Shimano Thunnus, Penn Spinfisher, and a variety of others. I'm curious as to what you would recommend for the type of fishing I do and what size would be adequate. For example, would a Baitrunner 8000FD or larger be too overkill?

I look forward to hearing back from you!


The fishing you are doing sounds amazing.  I have always wanted to fish up there for an extended period of time.  One day, I will.

I really like the Fin Nor Offshore Spinning reels.  They are bulletproof and I have caught so many big tarpon and sharks with them.  I have no doubt whatsoever that they would handle what you are doing easily and last a long time.

The capacities are shown below:

OFS4500  360 yds. / 17 lb.300 yds. / 50 lb.35 lbs.4.7:1 / 36"$149.95

OFS5500  330 yds. / 20 lb.375 yds. / 50 lb.48 lbs.4.7:1 / 38"$149.95

OFS6500  400 yds. / 20 lb.400 yds. / 50 lb.60 lbs.4.4:1 / 38"$149.95

OFS7500  460 yds. / 20 lb.365 yds. / 65 lb.60 lbs.4.4:1 / 40"$159.95

OFS8500  540 yds. / 20 lb.400 yds. / 65 lb.60 lbs.4.4:1 / 43"$169.95

OFS9500  600 yds. / 20 lb.470 yds. / 65 lb.60 lbs.4.4:1 / 47"$179.95

I think a 6500 would be great for you, but maybe a 7500.  Here is the good news; at $150 you can get both!

Now, if you are surf fishing and getting the reel sandy or submerged in saltwater, there is only one reel that can handle that kind of abuse.  Look at the Van Staal reels if you are going "Squishing" or find that your reels cant handle the abuse that you are dishing out.


I hope that helps.  Send us some pictures of your big Striper and Blue you catch this summer.

-Tom Rowland

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