Spin vs Baitcaster follow up: does anyone read the emails?

Spin v baitcaster follow up: does anyone read the emails?

Here is an email I got this morning and my response:

I just caught the answer from the Texan that asked why you use spinning reels. Good for you and god bless. I’m sick and tired of being consider less effective or half a fisherman because I prefer the accuracy, distance and ability to cast light lines and baits because I use a spinning reel. Or, frankly, considered a p#*%y by the bait casters out there. I’ve used them all my life. When I graduated from a cane pole my dad gave me a mitchell 300. Now I am strictly a quantum customer mainly because I developed the nontransferable skill of being able to change a Mitchell bail spring in the dark. With my eyes closed. With one hand and my teeth. Why didn’t someone think of opposing magnets sooner? Don’t know what you’ll do with this, kind of doubt they even get read, I’ve never mailed, emailed or called anyone on tv before but I appreciated your answer. I’ve fished the salt from matamoros to the keys and always used a spinning reel. Some really huge ones sometimes. Landlocked now but I prefer them still for smallmouth in clear mountain streams.


My response:

The emails get read all right…by me personally and I read and answer every single one. I have done this from day 1 and hope that it will never change.

Thank you for watching and reading our stuff. You have a direct line of communication through twitter @saltwaterexp or facebook as well. You can also email me directly at Tom@saltwaterexperience.com or the very best way to communicate is to leave a comment below.  I read and answer all those too.

In my opinion, it is more effective to use a spinning rod in most saltwater situations that I find myself.   I agree with you, but that is because we had similar backgrounds. I also went straight to a spinning rod from a cane pole.

No reason that anyone should place judgement on anyone else for their tackle choice. The idea is that all rods and reels are tools. Use the one that helps you to catch the fish. Some do it with a baitcaster, spinner, or fly rod. Then each person’s choice is also about a personal challenge. Sometimes I choose a fly rod knowing full well that I could catch 50 fish real easy on bait but it will be a more difficult challenge to catch a single fish on fly. Whatever floats your boat…no pun intended.

Thanks again for your email. I am going to throw it up on the blog if you don't mind.

Bottom line…fishing is supposed to be fun. Why do people keep forgetting that????


All the best,

Tom Rowland

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