Knots- TR Knot for Braid to Leader

Knots- TR Knot for Braid to Leader

In an attempt to always keep improving my tackle, I have been toying around with a new knot to attach braid to Fluorocarbon.  There is a knot that Robbie Delph showed me in 2000 that had no name.  Later, the same knot acquired the name "Sebile Knot".  The Sebile Knot is a fantastic knot which is really not a knot at all.  The Sebile Knot is really a weave that compresses as it is pulled by you or a fish.  The harder you pull, the tighter it gets. 

I really believe that the Sebile Knot is the strongest connection between two lines that play well together, but not all braids and Fluoros work well together.  For this reason, I started messing with the TR knot.

If the finish on the Fluoro is too slick or the braid is too smooth, the knot doesnt work well.  On the lines that it does grab, the knot is super duper strong.

With this inconsistency with brands, I thought about taking the best qualities of the Sebile knot and combining them with the tried and true Uni knot for safety.  While that was the intent, this knot is tied differently.  It is weaved back and forth and does compress as it is pulled like the Sebile, but in a slightly different way.  The Uni stops the knot from sliding and begins the compression.  The end result is a knot that has worked very well for me so far.  I have heard from a number of you that it has also worked well so far. 

Post a comment and let me know what you think about this knot and what applications you are using it.


All the best, 

Tom Rowland


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