Do You Sell Your Equipment?


Questions- Do you sell your equipment?

Here is a question from Trent regarding equipment.  We get this question all the time.

Trent T: Do you guys ever sell the used equipment you use? I absolutely love the Quantum Cabo gear and because of you guys, I purchased the Quantum Cabo smoke reel a few months back.


Great question.  I am glad that you have found the Quantum products.  I absolutely love my reels.  I have been fortunate to have worked with Quantum for almost 15 years and in that time, their equipment has improved every year.

I never sell my equipment for a couple of reasons.  First, that has never been part of the compensation from the company.  I get what I need and use it very hard. Second, I am a gear junkie.  I love collecting fishing equipment and I have a collection of stuff that dates back to my childhood.

As a pro staffer or ambassador for many different companies, my job is to use and abuse the gear harder and longer than almost all consumers will.  So, if it works and holds up to me and Rich, it should hold up to anyone.  After using the gear for a long time, it gets sent back to the company so that they can evaluate the wear, see how the product performed and lasted under real world situations and make improvements where possible. 

In the case of Quantum, I think we built a tunnel between Key West and Tulsa just to send the reels back and forth for 10 years.  The result:  Quantum now makes some of the best products on the market.

Rich and I will continue to use and abuse all our sponsors gear and hopefully it will continue to result in better and better products that you and many others can place your trust in. 

Thanks for the question Trent.

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