What Is The Best Rod for Soft Plastics?

A Lighter Rod Can Be Used To Fling Soft Plastics Out Further

A Lighter Rod Can Be Used To Fling Soft Plastics Out Further

Question- Best Rod For Soft Plastics?

Here is a question that I get at every single seminar and probably a couple of emails a week:

"What's a good rod to pair with the Quantum Smoke using soft plastics? I have one in the box spooled with 10# p-pro waiting for the perfect fit."

My Response:

Thanks for your email and for watching the show!

You are going to love your Quantum Smoke Reel!  I sure have enjoyed mine.

I really just use two rod actions for most of my flats fishing.  I will then use specialty rods for other situations and bigger rods for Tarpon and Shark fishing.  The 2 rods that I use 90% of the time are one of these:

7 foot 8-14 pound Medium action rod

7 foot 12-20 pound Medium/Heavy action rod

The first rod is preferred for small redfish and bonefish.  It is a light rod that can handle lots of other situations but because of the really light tip, I have felt like I missed hooksets occasionally.

The second rod is my go-to rod for bonefish, permit, small to medium tarpon, redfish, jacks, barracudas and other flats species. 

The Medium/Heavy action rod is definitely my favorite and is my recommendation for you. 

My favorite rods are Quantum, however, there are alot of really good rods out there.  Go to the store and pick up several rods of this description.  You may find that one has too long of a butt and another may have guides that you don't particularly like.  Find the one you like best but stick to that description.

I hope that helps!  Send us some pictures of the big fish you catch!

-Tom Rowland

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