The Best Knot For Offshore Fishing

Name: Parker K
Subject: Offshore Fishing Knots

Message: What is the best knot for Offshore fishing?

(Sent via Saltwater Experience TV Blog)

Hey Parker,

That is a good question.  I am not sure that there is actually a "best" knot for offshore fishing since the subject and application are so broad.  Many types of fishing demand some specific knots or crimps to be successful, however, there is one knot that can take you from Bluegill to Blue Marlin and handle just about every situation easily.

The Uni knot may not be the "best" knot, but it could be the most versatile knot.  It is a knot that will work in a pinch for just abut anything. In the video abouve, I demonstrate how to use a Uni to Uni to attach braid to Fluorocarbon.  You can also use a Uni to attach the hook the the leader and also attach the other end of the line to the spool of the reel.

If I had to pick only one knot for all fishing in fresh and saltwater, I would choose the Uni knot.

Hope that helps!

-Tom Rowland

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