2016 Saltwater Experience Season 11

Question from a fan:

Name: Dan Rust

Email Address: rust.dan@....

Subject: New Shows

Message: I've been watching the show for two years. This heat I've seen the same shows two to three times! When does the new season start?
Best fishing show on TV!

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Hi Dan,

Thanks so much for being a loyal SWE fan! 

We just wrapped up all the details and supplementary shots and features for the 2016 season.  As always, the new season starts January 1 and we will be on NBC Sports, Sportsman Channel and Sun Sports.

If you are tired of last year's shows and want to see some of our other shows, please visit www.saltwaterexperience.com

We have every episode available online and you can go back and see when my hair wasn't gray or when my kids were just babies!

Thank you so much for watching for so many years.  We do the show for our fans so it really means a lot to me to hear that you like it.

Stand by for some amazing stuff for 2016!