How Do The Tides Work?



Hey capt. Tom i got another question can you help me get a little bit more about tides and change of the water that effects fishing and makes it better



Tides are complex sometimes, but the simplest explanation is that the tide moves in and out. The fish respond to this because sometimes it is simply too low (or even dry) for them to be comfortable or survive. Fish are concerned about survival first, food second.

As the current is moving in or out, it creates feeding opportunities by displacing bait. On a slack high or low tide, there is no current and no movement. This is typically not a highly productive time to fish (although there are exceptions).

Look for moving water and places where the fish are comfortable but somewhat concentrated due to the water level. Once the tide is at full high, the fish can simply swim anywhere they want and therefore harder to find (again, always exceptions).

That is the super simple, basic tide description as it relates to fishing. However, know this...the wind and tides are the most important factor on being able to find and catch fish. Guides and anglers study the tides for entire lifetimes, always learning new things about the water right under their nose.

All the best,

Tom Rowland

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