What Kind Of Trolling Motor Do You Use?

Remote controlling the Motorguide Xi5

Remote controlling the Motorguide Xi5

Question- What kind of trolling motor were you using?

Hi Guys, looking forward to my move from N.Y. to Big Pine key this November. Can't wait. Love the show. What kind of trolling motor were you using to suspend the boat in the same place, even with current, when you were fishing for jacks at the bridge with your kids. By the way it's pretty cool to see the kids grow. I watched that happen with my kids in the keys in the 90's. Now grown, they can't wait to come back once I get down there. Keep up the great work and kudos to the entire crew on putting on a great show. thanks Roger



That'll be a great move! Glad to hear you like the show. It's Motorguide xi5 trolling motor. It's the best out there. Not only can it hold in the current, but it is also paired with our new Lowrance HDS Gen3 Units, which allows you to control the motor through the unit, and even move 5 feet in any direction with the push of a button. 

Thanks for all the support! Watch the video below to see the Xi5 in action. 

Tom Rowland

Rich Tudor brings the kids along for a day of fishing, and the two boys, along with Rich and Tom Rowland, run into some exciting topwater fishing in the famed Long Key Channel.

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