Top 10 Instagram Posts From People I Follow

If you were to scroll through my Instagram feed, it looks like a bragging board for fishermen.  I follow many anglers who catch impressive fish, but I mostly enjoy Instagram for the cool photos.  This week is a mix of both as I show you my top ten favorite pictures from my feed.

10. From our friends at Bass Pro Shops.  This picture reminds me of my years in Wyoming and Idaho.  We used to car camp all over the place and I loved every minute of it.


9. Ejazzle is an 18x Spearfishing champ and gets some amazing pictures.  This one is no exception


8. True Flies uses a picture of our own, Rich Tudor as he gets a face full of saltwater as a big tarpon tells him that he is NOT ready for the facegrab.


7. Ryannitz is my new favorite Instagram account.  This guy catches monster snook like no one I have ever seen.


6.  Jason Stemple does it again...One look at this photo takes me right back to the Rocky Mountains


5. Flywater Expeditions nails it with this photo.  I can smell the calm salt air and taste the Cafe con Leche.


4. Live the Yeti lifestyle...go do this!


3.  My friend, Scott Walker, from Into the Blue gives one of the best tips I have ever seen on Social Media about how to vacuum seal fish with just a 5 gallon bucket.  Outstanding!  Go check it out at


2. My friends Joey Nania and Miles Burghoff are constantly creating awesome stuff in freshwater.  This is a great show and a great account to follow.


1.  Another from Ryannitz...Not sure where this is, but I want to go!


These are some of my favorites.  Post your favorites to comments and I will follow them too!

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