9 Awesome Instagram Posts from this week

9 Awesome Instagram Posts from this week 7/27-7/31/15

The Lobster Mini Season just rolled over the Florida Keys so Instagram was full of pictures of happy sunburned people hoisting lobsters in the air.  Out of all of them I saw, I liked this one the best for some reason


The weather has been hot and still.  Nick Shirghio captured the moment of days like these in this one:


When days are hot and still like Nick's image, it often inspires us to get out of the heat and escape to the mountains. I took a trip with my boys and my Dad to go trout fishing this week.  I had the great pleasure of fishing with Rhett and Justin Shoyer of Trophy Waters Guide Service.  These guys were true professionals and showed us al a wonderful time.  As a guide in both fresh and saltwater, I have seen every type of guide.  I am friends with some of the best guides in the world and, unfortunately, I have also seen the worst of the worst.  A good guide sees his profession as an art form.  It is not about catching a giant fish or keeping the rod bent all day.  Many of the worst guides I have ever seen are some of the best fishermen...they simply do not understand customer service and despite catching a bunch of great fish, their customers are not happy.  A great guide keeps the customer's experience as the number one priority and insures that everyone has a great time.  He can challenge the expert, entertain the somewhat uninterested and ignite a fire in a young angler to pursue fishing with a passion previously unknown.  Justin and Rhett did all of these things for us.  It also didn't hurt that my son Turner caught a stud with Rhett. 


If you don't make an exit to get out of the heat, then you should probably get in the water to cool off a bit.  While there, look for some big Hogs like this


Another of my friends, Jason Stemple, made an escape from the heat to Colorado


Staying on top of the water in the Keys can also be productive.  Into the Blue Fan, Builder Brock gets a really nice Black Grouper.


Or take a trip to a faraway land and catch something really cool like this huge cubera snapper


We have red colored fish in the Keys too...this photo got special placement because of the Saltwater Experience Buff! 


And Finally, a really terrific cast net throw from the beach


Keep posting these awesome pictures!

-Tom Rowland

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