How To Tie The Haywire Twist

In the Florida Keys, we fish for a lot of fish that have teeth and will cut right through traditional lines.  It is essential to use a wire shock tippet or leader to catch fish like sharks, mackerel, wahoo, barracuda, and goliath grouper.

There are many types of wire on the market.  Multi-strand coated wire is fairly easy to tie some knots with but lots of big fish can bite right through it.  Titanium is interesting, but I still haven't found it to be as good as good old fashioned solid wire. 

Solid wire is really easy to work with.  We use two simple knots in our set up; The Haywire Twist and the Albright Knot.

The Haywire Twist is a simple way to attach wire to a hook that most guides use in the Florida Keys. 

Here's how to tie it:

I hope this helps you to land more big fish with teeth!

All the best,

Tom Rowland