Simple Run And Pushup Workout For Travelers

If I am on the road in a place that I know like Hawks Cay or Key West but don't have access to the gym or maybe I have to workout at 4:30 am before it is open, I often resort to one of my favorite travel workouts.

I really like this simple workout:

3 Miles/300 Pushups

Simply run 3 miles and at any time, anywhere at your discretion, complete 300 pushups.  These can be done before, after or during.  Lots of times, I have completed 50 right at the starting line and then run for a while and periodically hit another 50.  Traffic lights or intersections are great opportunities to drop and do 50.

This workout keeps things interesting, and can be done pretty much anywhere.  If you are unsure of your surroundings, run a half mile out and back and do that 3 times. 

Of course, this is scalable for different fitness levels as all my workouts are.  If you are not ready to do 3 miles and 300 pushups, you can easily scale this one back to 2 miles 200 pushups or 1 mile 100 pushups.  How about walk 1/2 mile and do 50 pushups?  Maybe you are on the other end of the scale and want more.  How about 5 miles/500 pushups?

I have an App on my iPhone called Endomondo that is very accurate and easy to use.  Search it out in the App store or find something similar.  It gives you a map and tracks your run giving audible prompts at the distances you determine.  I suggest it, but there are literally 100's of apps like it in the store.  Find a good one that suits your purpose.

We are all fishermen and water people here so I assume that your phones are protected with a LifeProof or other case, but make sure that it is securely closed and waterproof before doing this one.  I was visiting a sponsor recently and sweated an iPhone to death inside a LifeProof case that wasn't fully sealed while doing this workout on the road.

Keep this one in your back pocket and post your results here when you do it.  Last time I tried this one at Hawks Cay, I finished in 29:05.  Let me know how you do.

All the best,

Tom Rowland