How To Tie The Bimini Twist [VIDEO]

A Bimini Twist helped Rich catch this big Bull dolphin or Mahi Mahi

A Bimini Twist helped Rich catch this big Bull dolphin or Mahi Mahi

The Bimini Twist intimidates more people than any other knot, but it is completely unfounded.  The Bimini Twist is an easy knot to tie and it is super effective at accomplishing the task for which it is designed.

The Bimini Twist is designed to double the line over so that another knot can be tied with two strands of line rather than with just one.  If I am to try to tie a blood knot or a Hufnagle with a single strand of line to a heavier strand of line, it will not be very strong.  If I tie a Surgeons loop in my single strand, it will effectively double the line, but the Surgeon's Loop will not be much stronger than the single strand.

Using the Bimini Twist, the line can be doubled and a loop can be made at any length that is stronger than the standing line. 

Once the Bimini is tied, another knot like a Blood, Hufnagle, J Knot or other can be tied with the doubled strand that will actually break at a higher test than the standing line. 

World record and tournament applications are where the Bimini really shines.  By using a Bimini, it is possible to attach a legal shock tippet or leader to the standing line without sacrificing line strength.  The Bimini, however, is tied every single day of the year on docks around the World for a multitude of species and applications.

Many people watch someone tie a Bimini and just decide that it is too difficult and never actually try it for themselves.  It is, however, not really difficult at all.

I have made 2 attempts at an instructional video and included both of them in this blog post.  The first is the best, in my opinion, as we really tried to use close up photography to allow you to see just how the line rolls over itself and creates the knot.  Hopefully this one will help you.

(If the video does not display, please click here)

The second video does not have as much close up, but it is also extremely helpful to some by showing how I move my head and hands to get the knot to start and finish.  See this one below:

(If the video does not display, please click here)

No need to be afraid of the Bimini Twist.  Learn to tie it and you can seriously help your hook up to landing ratio in saltwater. 

Let me know if you have any issues or problems with this knot.  Post a comment below and I will get right back to you.

All the Best,

Tom Rowland