Zero Equipment Travel Workout

Whether you are a busy executive, traveling salesman or professional fisherman, your job requires you to be on the road.  The road can throw a major monkey wrench into your New Year's resolution to lose weight or to improve your fitness.

It is much easier to achieve excellent results if you have a set schedule, a personal trainer and a steady stream of high quality food in your own kitchen, but most of us don't have that luxury or see a schedule like that interrupted for a road trip.  I have been able to create or find workouts that I can do anywhere with little or no equipment.  Most of my favorites do not take much time and may even allow me to see a little of the town I am visiting.

Here is one of my favorites:

3 Miles/300 Pushups

This one is super easy to do anywhere.  Grab your phone and open whatever running app you might have.  Run out 1.5 miles and back 1.5 miles.  At some point, get in 300 pushups.  I usually start with a set of 50 and drop at a street corner or at the top of a hill and hit sets of 50 throughout the run.  If you don't have a running app on your phone, simply use a watch.  Most runners have a pretty good idea on how long it takes them to run 3 miles, or at least 1 mile.  Say you run an 8 minute/mile pace, simply run out the door of the hotel for 12 minutes and turn around. 

Sometimes, if I have a little extra time, I will drive to the center of town and do a 3 mile loop.  This allows me to see some of the area and keeps things interesting.  Other times, I have quickly left the hotel and soon realized that I am not in a very nice area.  Ask the front desk and make sure you are going in the right direction to stay safe.

This workout has served me well in the South Pacific, Australia, Rocky Mountains, Venice, Louisiana, Las Vegas, San Diego, Key West and a bunch of places in between. 

Between 3 miles/300 pushups, A Deck of Cards, The Magic 50, Murph and 100 Burpees I can travel anywhere in the world and still get my workout every day.  Having a few of these travel workouts written out and placed somewhere convenient (like your notepad on your phone or printed and tucked into your travel bag) you will be able to quickly select a workout and get it done while on the road.

Do not let the road derail your road to success!  Get it done anywhere, anytime with no excuses.

All the best,

Tom Rowland