What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear On The Boat?


Name: Skip
Email Address: skip@verizon.net
Subject: Fishing Footwear
Message: Gentlemen, I've worn many different types of boat shoes and sneakers for the time spent fishing - many hours a day. I'm wondering what brand and type of shoes you wear when on your boats. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks, Skip
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Hey Skip,

Thanks so much for the email this morning. 

Shoes are very important and I have tried many different types of shoes.  I could probably get by in quite a few different pairs, but there are a couple of things that I look for in a shoe that I am going to wear on the boat. 

1. A wide heel.  Shoes with a wide heel will help you maintain your balance far more than a narrow heel.  We sometimes fish on days that are slick calm, but more often than not, the boat is rocking and rolling and balance is at a premium. 

2. Cushion.  I want a shoe that is going to absorb the shock of long runs and hitting waves.  Good cushion and good arch support is also helpful for being on your feet all day.

3. Mesh.  On a boat your feet are more than likely to get wet.  Shoes that will allow the water to go straight through will remain lightweight and will also dry faster.

4. Good traction on the sole.  Most athletic shoes made today will have good traction. Specialized shoes with boat soles like Sperry are really nice if you are getting in and out of the boat and trying not to track a ton of sand into the boat, but for the most part, any athletic shoe is going to prevent slippage.

I have found all of these things in the same type of shoes that I use for working out or running.  Most running shoes make pretty good boat shoes in my opinion.  I switch my running shoes out frequently so I always have several old pairs around that make great fishing shoes.  I also like the Reebok Crossfit Nano shoes and wear them most of the time.  These shoes are really comfortable and really well broken in which makes a big difference sometimes.  These are my favorite shoes for workouts and for just general wear.  They have a wide heel and a large toe box which I really like for the boat as well.  They are just general shoes, kind of like a Converse Chuck Taylor with a little more cushion and a better sole.  I can stand in these all day, walk or run miles in them and will never get a blister or have any issue with them. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.11.05 AM.png

There are lots of companies who are making shoes specifically designed for the water and the boat.  I love some of them but others lack something on my list.  I think that if you look for shoes with the qualities I have mentioned, you will find something you really like.

Let me know if you have any other questions,

Tom Rowland