Where Can I Get A Saltwater Experience Buff?


Name: Hal G
Email Address: jhg78@gmail.com
Subject: SWE Buff
Message: First of all, I'm a long time fan of Buff and believe in them wholeheartedly. However recently I noticed a vid of you guys wearing one with the SWE logo on it, since I'm also a fan of SWE, where can I find one for purchase? Those would have made awesome Christmas presents had I seen them earlier. But there's always next year right? Thanks.
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Thanks so much for the email. 

The Buff is one of the greatest products for fishing to come along in quite some time.  For those who might not know, the Buff is a simple sleeve that protects our face from the sun while providing so many other benefits. 

Read about how I found the Buff and what it is HERE

Rich's son sporting a green Saltwater Experience Buff

Rich's son sporting a green Saltwater Experience Buff

Buffs have 100's of different designs available on their website.  We get some promotional designs with Saltwater Experience printed on them.  We haven't sold them yet, but just give them away at events. 

I am happy to send you one for participating in the blog under one condition: Send us some pictures of you with some big fish or post them on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Here is a video that may help explain the benefits in more detail:

Keep covering up!

Tom Rowland