The 6 Best Knots For Braided Line To Heavy Monofiliment Leaders


Name: randy davis
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Subject: knots for jacks and red snapper
Message: Tom, what type of knot do you prefer to tie braided line to a heavy monofilament leader. I currenty use an uniknot.
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Hey Randy

Thanks for the question.  I also like the Uni Knot.  It is a strong reliable knot and I use it often.  However, I do use other ones for different situations.  They are all great knots that you can learn quickly. 

I have some good resources for you.  Last year I did a series of over 40 knot videos and blog posts.  You are asking one of the most common questions in regard to attaching braided line to fluorocarbon or monofiliment leaders.  I really use about 6 knots to attach braid to either Fluorocarbon or Monofiliment leaders.  Here are my favorites: 

#1 The J Knot-  This is my Go-To knot for most quick leader ties.  I have a lot of confidence in this one. 

#2 Double Uni Knot.  It is hard to beat this one! 

Here is how to do it with a Bimini Twist

#3 FG/Sebile Knot- Very good one.  This is probably the strongest, but takes a little time and effort to tie it correctly. 

#4 Alberto Knot- I love this knot and I am using it more often now

#6 Aussie Quickie- This requires a Bimini Twist.

Here is the Bimini Twist in a step by step video

The advantages of using braid are huge.  Many people stay away from braid because they dont know how to tie a leader to it.  Any of these 6 knots will work.  Find the one that suits you the best and get after those fish!

All the best,

Tom Rowland