Fluorocarbon to Mono Knot For Freshwater Applications


Name: Michael Kolivosky
Email Address: mikekol@att.net
Subject: Fresh water mono to fluorocarbon line.
Message: I fish in the Great Lakes. It is often gin clear. What would you recommend for the length of a fluorocarbon leader, the best mono to fluorocarbon knot, and the length of leader? Thank you. Will I get an answer in my email or this site?
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Hi Michael,

If you are fishing in gin clear water, why not just spool up with 100% fluorocarbon?

We routinely fish braid and have gotten almost completely away from Mono or Fluorocarbon main line, but I do see applications that make alot of sense for using mono or fluorocarbon.  I would first think about spooling up completely with fluorocarbon and see if that helps. 

Many may not know that Fluorocarbon line actually sinks much faster than monofiliment so there are situations where you might not want all fluorocarbon line.  In this situation, I would use braid and a short fluorocarbon leader.  I amd not familiar with your fishing area like I am in the Florida Keys, but there is likely a reason that you need to use Mono main line and a fluorocarbon leader.

In this situation, I would tie a blood knot to attach the mono to the fluorocarbon.  Here is a video

(If the video is not displayed, please click here)

I hope this video helps!

Let me know if it works for you and send me a picture of your giant.

All the best,

Tom Rowland