All Shows Now Free Online On Waypoint TV



Saltwater Experience has over 100 episodes and, over the years, we have put them on our own website, YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms but have never really been satisfied with the delivery or ability to support our sponsors through these methods. 

There is no doubt that everyone is watching more stuff online and on mobile devices than ever.  While conventional television is still a major way that Americans watch, there is no denying that the landscape of video has changed. 

This year, we were presented with an opportunity to place our shows on Waypoint TV.  My first questions was "What is Waypoint?"


Waypoint is a way to watch fishing shows online and through any device.  This graphic helps to explain how it works and where you can find it.

Currently, Saltwater Experience is in pretty good company with other shows like Into the Blue, Bass 2 Billfish, The Next Bite, Sweetwater, Sliver Kings, Flats Class, Linder's Angling Edge, Money Fish, and Seasons on the Fly are all on all the platforms and ready to watch. 

What this means to you is that you can now watch every one of our shows AND the other top fishing shows in one place without any of the clutter or distractions you get with YouTube and other services.  What we liked about it right away was that it had limited advertising and really paid alot of attention to the viewer's experience. 

Over the years, my own viewing habits have changed and I have become a Netflix fan.  Yep...binge watching is awesome.  In the future, we will experiment with some different delivery strategies like dropping 3 or 6 new episodes at a time. 

Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, a Roku or Apple Tv, want to watch online or through the app, Waypoint has all this covered.

Here are some examples of how it looks on different devices

Waypoint TV on Apple TV
Waypoint TV on Roku

Getting Waypoint is easy.  Simply go to the app store and download the Waypointtv app.  You can start watching right away.  If you prefer to watch on the website, simply go to and start watching. 

Download Waypoint TV on the App store

This is the future of outdoor entertainment and we are so pleased and proud to be able to offer it to our fans and viewers.  Enjoy!

All the best,

Tom Rowland