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Name: Frank M
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Subject: Cooler Casting Platform
Message: Is your cooler tied down to your bay boat when you're using it as a casting platform? How do you keep it from sliding around?
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Hi Frank,

Thanks for the question.  Our coolers are not tied down on our boats, but they could be.

We use Yeti Coolers and they are designed specifically for the purpose we are using them for.  They come standard with a non slip foot pad on all 4 corners which does a great job of keeping the cooler on the deck.  It might not work well with an empty cooler, but once we put ice, drinks and lunch in the cooler, it stays put pretty well.  I actually prefer to have the cooler not tied down because we move it around the boat.  It is a versatile piece of gear that may be a cooler under the leaning post for a while, a casting platform on the front deck for a while, a lunch table back in the middle of the boat or we might even put it in the tower and drive the boat from a higher perspective.

The Yeti also has molded in places for tie downs to easily and safely be used.  Some guides prefer that their cooler is tied down permanently and it may ride on the front deck.  I don't particularly like it up there all the time because it can block my view while driving so we move it around.

The tie downs are easy to use and available from Yeti if that would work better for you, or you could do it like we do and just use the non slip foot and the weight of the cooler to keep it in place.

I hope that helps!

All the Best,

Tom Rowland