Podcast with Tom Rowland

I was honored to be a guest on Jim Harshaw Jr's Wrestling With Success podcast recently.  

My background as a wrestler has had a major impact on any amount of success that I have experienced in my life.  Lessons learned on the mat translate directly to life and there are really very few days that go by where I do not rely on one of these lessons to make a decision or deal with a situation.

I was also very fortunate to have a number of really good coaches in my life who taught me the value of hard work, instilled a tough work ethic, and made me realize that it is not the work done in practice (everyone is doing that) but rather the extra work that you put in that either wins or loses matches. 

Life is very similar to the mat.  It matters little that you are not good at something right away.  If you work harder and smarter than the competition, eventually you will improve and if you stay with it long enough and pour passion and intensity to whatever it is, you can become the best. 

Jim Harshaw took wrestling much farther than I ever did and became a Division I All American himself and a Division I Coach as well.  Through his experience as an athlete and a coach, he has seen how failure is really the path to success.  I am very interested in this message because I really feel the same way.  Without failure, we learn very little.  Without struggle, our achievements are meaningless. 

In this podcast, JIm and I talk about wrestling and how my background helped me to become a fishing guide in Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and then in Key West, FL.  He asked some good questions that alot of people have asked about making the jump from guiding to television and from producing a single show to producing multiple shows.  Our path has had some success but certainly alot of failures and we talk about how those have shaped the path that we are on now.

Jim also asked about my daily habits that have been major influences on my career.  Further, we talk about challenges that I have voluntarily accepted like training for 50 hours with real Navy Seals (SealFit Kokoro) in a cold Pacific Ocean and how that helped me to become a better leader, husband, father and business partner. 

Jim has a great show and has many very interesting guests on it.  I hope that you enjoy this 40 minute conversation and subscribe to Wrestling With Success to hear some of the other fantastic interviews.

You can listen to the Podcast through iTunes (click here) from the link below or scroll down below and find additional links

All the best,

Tom Rowland