Best Rods On Earth

We are proud to announce our new partnership with St. Croix Rods. 

Fishing is a sport that still has the privilege of enjoying fine hand-craftsmanship.  The most obvious place is in the fly itself.  There are no machines to tie flies and there are certainly vast differences in quality and creativity between fly tyers around the world.  When you have the luxury of fishing with a fine crafted fly, the difference is immediately obvious.  The fly swims better and catches more fish, it is tied on the finest hook, with the finest materials and the durability of the fly is noticeably better.  The best fly tyers pay attention to every tiny detail and the end result is literally a work of art.

We can also find incredible craftsmanship in our fishing rods. The first time we used St. Croix it was immediately apparent that there was extreme craftsmanship and care put into every element of the fishing rod. Each rod takes 32 pairs of hands to finish. St. Croix builds most of their rods in Park Falls, Wisconsin here in the United States. They actually offer tours of their factory where you can watch how these rods are made.  If you go, you will immediately see that St. Croix is putting the same attention to detail into every rod as the finest fly tyers are putting into their flies.  Each is created with the finest materials by people who take great pride in their work.  What this means to people like me is that these rods are lighter, more durable and perform better than any other rod on the market.

The Mojo Inshore is their entry level rod, it is a slower action rod, perfect for areas where you may need more forgiveness. Great for braid use and if do not want to pull the hook on a soft mouth fish. We use this for top water trout, or barracuda and all kinds of other things. 

The Avid Series is our go to battle axe of a rod. This rod is their best all around rod available in any action, and any length. This workhorse allows you to catch anything from a permit to a large tarpon.

The Legend Xtreme Inshore is their fastest action rod, it is also the strongest, and lightest rod they make. It has a specialized non-cork handle that takes two weeks to create that allows you to maintain a perfect grip throughout the day. Tom Rowland caught a 120 pound tarpon on this rod, and we feel confident this rod could land any fish in the ocean. 

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