NEW EPISODE – S12:E7 "Sandy Key Monsters"

We released two new episodes this week exclusively to Waypoint TV. The first of which was S12:E7 where we travel to the Everglades and fish Sandy Key. 

Coming off of a cold front, the water is warming.  In the Sandy Key area, there are massive flats that warm up first.  The warm water dumps into the channels on the outgoing tide and warms up the deeper channels. This causes all varieties of fish to flock to these channels. We left the dock early to be in the channel at first light to take advantage of a major feeding opportunity for the tarpon.

Saltwater Experience Sandy Key Monsters Episode Sunrise

As we arrived Tom put a pilchard onto the new St. Croix Legend Xtreme Inshore while he was casting a Hogy Lure with the Avid Series. The pilchard became nervous and then the rod went down. 

Saltwater Experience Sandy Key Monsters Giant Tarpon

Early morning tarpon fishing is a classic Florida Keys experience.  Check out this new show and watch us go after giant tarpon and other monsters!

WATCH "Sandy Key Monsters" NOW:

Saltwater Experience S12:E7 "Sandy Key Monsters"

Capt's Rich & Tom get started early at Sandy Key in the FL Bay, where a variety of monster fish lurk

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