Adjust Your Settings To Run The Florida Marine Tracks Chip In Lowrance HDS

This year I have started to run the Florida Marine Tracks mapping chip in my Lowrance HDS Carbon units. I have never purchased anything that was as impressive as this chip. It is as revolutionary as the Power-Pole or the trolling motor.

What is it? Check out the whole story about how the product was created on the Tom Rowland Podcast:

Good question. The Florida Marine Tracks chip can be loaded into your Lowrance or Simrad unit and will display the best and most impressive aerial photography that I have ever seen. When you are running your boat in the Florida Keys, the boat is displayed as a triangle as normal, but you can see individual trees, PVC stakes, Markers, roads, marinas and every detail of the area that you are running through. You can see yourself moving through the area almost as if you are seeing it real time. I would buy the chip just for these photos. However, to make things even more interesting, they have the safe running paths throughout the Florida Keys backcountry and throughout the entire State of Florida!

Imagine buying a boat from the best guide in the Florida Keys and upon turning on the Lowrance HDS, you see that he left all of his tracks for you. Just follow where he has been going and you can safely navigate anywhere. The Florida Marine Tracks is even better than that. How? Because you can’t accidentally erase the tracks on this chip. Plus the tracks are laid over the incredible aerial photography.

To make things better, you can easily display the information that is important to you or remove it entirely.

Adjusting the settings a bit can have your Florida Marine Tracks chip working to the best of its ability. Here are a couple of tips that have helped me to optimize the performance for my use:

  1. Shaded relief on - ALWAYS. This option is displayed on the first menu on the right side of the screen.

  2. WAAS always ON. Go to Settings/satellites/configuration/ then turn WAAS on. WAAS improves accuracy and should be turned on.

  3. Areas- You can find this menu by going to chart options/view/categories. In this section, you can display tons of information that may or may not be important to you. For instance, you can see pole and troll zones. These will be shaded red. Sometimes it is great to see these so you are sure that you are either in or out of a restricted area. However, the shaded red areas will not allow the aerial photography to be displayed the absolute best that it can be so if you want to see every feature, turn this off. I will have one unit with these on and another with them off. There are also yellow lines around the shallowest flats. You may want this or not. Experiment with and without this feature turned on. I have selected to turn these off so I can see more detail on the chart. Roads are displayed with an icon. When this is turned on, icons will fill the screen if you fish near roads. Experiment with turning these off too.

  4. I choose to run mine with most information not displayed so that the chart detail shows through the best. The same is true for idle zones and Manatee zones.

  5. Lines and points - This is where you can choose to turn off the red navigation lines if you like. I run one unit with no information other than the aerial photos and the second unit next to it with red navigation lines, pole and troll zones, idle zones and a few other details.

If you want to see this product in action today, you can stop by the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and see Glenn at booth #305 in the electronics tent at Bahia Mar

Florida Marine Tracks on the left, preloaded Lowrance on the right.

Florida Marine Tracks on the left, preloaded Lowrance on the right.


I hope that helps!  Send us a picture of the big fish you catch!

-Tom Rowland

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