Experience Rigging

I really like to teach people how to do what I do and show them this incredible experience of the fishing on the shallow clear flats of the Florida Keys.  I was fishing out of a 16 foot boat, when I started, and I could take a maximum of 2 people at a time.  

Often, it was just one person.  I wanted to show more people how incredible this world was so I tried to take and publish photographs as well as writing articles.

Some of my favorite articles are how to put the pieces together to create the rigs you need.

Below you can see all of our articles that we have written, we also have videos up on all our social media and our YouTube Channel about how to tie knots, how to set up to catch the fish you are desiring to catch and how to prepare for your day of fishing. We hope you enjoy the articles and enjoy exploring our website. Please comment with any questions and we would love to write a blog to answer your question!