The Most Versatile 9 Foot 9 Weight Fly Rod For Florida Keys Fishing

St Croix is known the world over for producing some of the highest quality rods on Earth. Most people associate this claim with spin and conventional rods but did you know that they also produce some of the best fly rods?

I recently fished with a 9 foot 9 weight that really caught my interest. The St Croix Sole is a unique idea in fly rods. It is a 2 piece fly rod, but the breakdown is unusual. The tip section is where the rod breaks down and the rest of the rod remains a one piece. This is a cool concept for the fisherman that fishes both fly and spin because when you break down the rod, the one piece portion is the same length as all the spinning rods. It is easily transported along with all the other rods.

Most breakage occurs with fly rods in the tip section. St Croix realizes this and provides an extra tip in case of breakage which is genius. These features make this the most versatile fly rod for Florida Keys fishing, in my opinion.

The rod performs very well. I recently fished the 9 foot 9 weight Sole in the Keys for Blacktip sharks and baby tarpon. The rod casts very nicely and fought a fish extremely well. Check out these videos of the rod in action.

Visit St Croix’s website to learn more about the Sole and all the other rods they offer. The don’t call them the Best on Earth for nothing!

I hope that helps!  Send us a picture of the big fish you catch!

-Tom Rowland

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