2018 Yellowfin 24 CE Battery Storage

I have been running a Yellowfin 24 Bay since 2008. In that time, Yellowfin has responded to technology by incorporating the carbon fiber technology to make the boats more rigid and much lighter. They have continued to refine design to make this boat an even better fishing machine.

One thing that has remained exactly the same and is still one of my favorite features of this boat is the battery storage found in the front hatch. I always run a 36 volt trolling motor. The most recent evolution of trolling motors is the MotorGuide Xi5. I choose a 70 inch shaft in a 36 volt motor. This obviously requires 3 batteries and a charger. I also insist on using Group 31 (the biggest) batteries for my trolling motor system.

Many boats have no real place to store the batteries or require strange installations in order to fit the batteries. Yellowfin saw this issue even before the Yellowfin 24 was created and had a battery compartment in the first boat. This is still one of my favorite features of the boat.

Open the front hatch and you see nothing but an empty hatch. Open the second hatch and you will see how I have rigged 3 group 31 batteries and a charger completely out of view leaving a clean front hatch for safety gear of tackle. In addition, the batteries weight is positioned perfectly for performance. The weight is centered up front but it does not keep the bow down when I trim up.

If you are looking at bay boats, this is an important factor to consider. The Yellowfin team accomplishes this better than any other boat.

Check out the video above to see for yourself how they accomplish this storage solution.

I hope that helps!  Send us a picture of the big fish you catch!

-Tom Rowland

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