Yellowfin 24 Bay Wiring Set Up

I’ve owned a lot of boats and been on even more. Yellowfin is unquestionably the finest rigged boat I have ever seen. The 16 foot skiff is rigged to the same standards as their 42. The rigging is easy to get to, organized and meticulously finished for problem free boating. So many boats are rigged with a tangled mess of wires that is a serious nightmare when trying to diagnose an electrical issue.

I rigged my 24 Yellowfin with three batteries in the console. I have a dedicated start battery and 2 house batteries. There are 3 more Group 31 trolling motor batteries in the front hatch and an onboard charger that will recharge and top off each of these overnight.

I hope that helps!  Send us a picture of the big fish you catch!

-Tom Rowland

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