Tom Rowland Podcast Episode #0001 | Chasten Whitfield – Helping Others Through Fishing

Saltwater Fishing Podcast

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Chasten Whitfield is a young lady who has devoted her life to helping others...through fishing.  She was introduced to me through my friend, Capt. Paul Fisicaro, who saw a news story on her and thought I might be interested in having her as a guest.  After watching the story myself, I called her immediately and scheduled her to be on Saltwater Experience.

Her story was told well through the show, but the 30 minute format left alot of details out simply due to time restrictions.  I sat down with her for this podcast and discuss how she began helping children who are terminally ill, or disadvantaged in some way.  I learned how she copes with doing things differently than most 17 year olds, and where she is in her journey.


3:23- How did Chasten's desire to help other people start

4:16- Raising $8000 for Big Ben at St Judes through selling her Hannah Montana poster

5:22- Leaving cheerleading to fish

5:55- How her mom taught her how to fish

6:30- Are women better fishermen than men?

7:55-Returning the tournament winning money back to the charity

15:12- Giving back her second tournament winning check

16:40-Her new wheelchair accessible Yellowfin 21 with Mercury outboard

18:02- Her first opportunity to take a child with Spina Bifita fishing

20:03- Skipping school to take kids fishing

22:55- Working with young girls on confidence issues

27:05- Speaking to 400 fishermen at the Captains meeting of a tournament

30:00- Where does the T-shirt money go?

32:13- What are her goals for Chastenation?

36:02- How did Saltwater Experience get started?

44:31- Lori Anne Murphy, Christy Ball, and Kim Keeley guiding in Teton Valley

47:03- How to donate or help


Paul Fisicaro-

Lori Anne Murphy

Kim Keeley

Shaw Grigsby