The Best Dry Bags and Waterproof Backpacks

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When you make your living outside like I do, there is a constant battle to keep stuff dry. Now we have even more stuff we want to keep dry like phones and cameras. I have tried everything possible to keep my stuff dry and then YETI did what they do best. They find a problem and they fix it. Not only do they fix it but they fix it better than it’s ever been before.

The YETI dry back is absolutely waterproof. This is like a duffle and dry bag, its called the Panga. The bottom of it is protected so that you can’t puncture holes and cause leaks in it. It is totally air tight and is actually not insulated. I generally use the 50 size (there is a 75 and 100) but it is great for using during travel in the airport and when I arrive at my location I have a waterproof bag to take out on the boat.

They have also made a Panga Backpack which is even better for my travel than the 50 Panga. It has become my go to travel bag. It easily fits under the seat of any airplane and is a perfect boat bag for cameras, or just any gear I want to keep dry.