How To Tie A Snell Fishing Knot, Step By Step, Close Ups Using High Vis Cord and Monofiliment

Both Fresh and Saltwater anglers find good use for the Snell.  It is a simple but strong knot that wraps around the hook shank rather than just going through the eye of the hook.  The snell positions the hook for a good hook set.  Many bass fishermen like this knot and you will see pre tied rigs in bait shops.  There is no need to buy pre-tied rigs.  Watch this short video using high visibility cord and you will be able to tie your own Snell Knot.

Offshore fishermen such as Capt. Scott Walker of Into the Blue Television use snells on all of his sailfish rigs.  With the Snell and the Aussie Quickie, you can tie the exact same rig as Capt. Scott Walker.  Click the names of the knots to go to an article that shows you how to tie the knots.

Monofiliment and Fluorocarbon behave a little differently than high vis cord so I also did a video with monofilament.  It is not as easy to see how to tie this knot in this video but it shows how your knot should look with real fishing line and how you tie it.

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Tom Rowland

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