How To Tie The Spider Hitch Fishing Knot For Doubling Line

In Saltwater Fishing, it is important to know how to double the line without losing strength.  There are two main knots that we use to accomplish this.  

1. The Bimini Twist (Click Here For Video and Article)

2. The Spider Hitch

Many people find it difficult to tie a Bimini Twist and prefer a Spider Hitch.  Some fishermen claim that the Spider Hitch is stronger than the Bimini Twist.  I have tied both and use them both regularly.  In my experience, they are both about the same in terms of strength (at least the way that I tie them) but some much prefer one over the other in terms of ease of tying.  I don't think that it really matters whether you use a Bimini or a Spider Hitch, the important thing is that you understand how to double the line without losing strength and why you might find it necessary to do so.  

If you are searching for a World Record or trying to catch a large fish on light line, doubling the line becomes necessary so that the knot between the light class tippet and the heavier shock tippet will be stronger than the class tippet.  Doubling the line makes sure of this because you are using 2 strands of line rather than just one making the knot twice as strong.  

There are other knots that we and others have created that can do a good job of attaching two dis-similar lines together like the 2 Turn Blood Knot, The Slim Beauty, The Tom Pierce Knot, The FG Knot and others.  Click any of those names to be taken to an article which includes a video to learn how to tie those knots and when we choose to use them.

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See you on the water,

Tom Rowland

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