How To Tie A Two Turn Blood Knot For Attaching Two Different Size Lines Together-Tarpon Fishing

The Two Turn Blood Knot is a knot designed to tie 2 different diameter lines together to form a very strong connection.  This knot can be used with or without a Bimini Twist.  See how to tie a Bimini Twist by clicking here

We use this knot quite often for tarpon leaders in the Florida Keys, but it could create a great connection anytime that you needed to tie a shock tippet or to attach two lines of different pound test or diameter together.

I first saw this knot in Rob Fordyce's book Tarpon on Fly.  I was tying a similar knot, but I liked the way he tied this and brought it into my knot arsenal.  Each knot I use has a purpose and there are situations for each one.

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See you on the water,

Tom Rowland