How To Tie The Double Uni With Bimini Twist For Tarpon Or Other Large Fish- Braided Line To Fluorocarbon

When doing seminars, I always leave time for questions.  Over the years, the most frequently asked question is "How do I attach Braided Line to Fluorocarbon?"

There are many ways to make this connection successfully, but if my life depended on the strength of this connection, I would tie a Bimini Twist in the Braided Line and then use a Double Uni Knot to connect the two lines.  

The Bimini Twist doubles the line making any knot you tie stronger than it would be with a single line.  The Bimini Twist looks difficult upon first seeing it, but I assure you that it is not difficult.  You can see how to tie it step by step in this article and video.

Once the Bimini is tied, I will tie a double Uni Knot to connect the two lines.  I like the Double Uni for this situation because the tag ends are going to be parallel to the standing lines making it catch less debris in the water and also to move through the guides much smoother than a knot with right angle tag ends.

The knot is strong and I am extremely confident in the way I tie it and also the overall strength.  If you are using this for IGFA connections, make sure that you are aware of all the rules and measure accurately.  The rules state certain lengths of shock tippet depending on the class you are trying for and the shock tippet is measured to the end of the Bimini not just to the end of the shock tippet.  In this case, you will want the Bimini and Double Uni to be as close together as possible so that you can have a longer shock.  If you are not worried about the rules, and are just fishing for fun, this length does not matter, however, I do try to keep the knots within a few inches of one another.

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