Tom Rowland Podcast #0015 - Live Q&A With Tom


Podcast #0015 – Live Q&A



Tom Rowland takes time to do a LIVE question and answer podcast for the first time. Using Facebook Live, Instagram Live, emailed questions and tweets, Tom answers questions for 2 hours on virtually every subject. From Goliath Grouper regulations, to how to become a fishing guide, Capt. License questions to how to stay in shape on the road, the questions keep flooding in and Tom does his best to answer every one.

Thank you to all the fans and friends who participated in this live event.


Capt License. Sea School—Flynn Smith


Bahia Honda Rig —


9:57 Rich and Tom Difference --


10:38 Snook fishing- Richard Black episode.


12:23—How to clean up rusty gear


13:01 Favorite Sturgill Song-

Welcome to Earth


13:42- Everglades Water Quality-  

Link to Captains for Clean Water Podcast--

Link to

Plumbing problem and a Water Quality Problem


17:58 What can concerned anglers do to help the Everglades?


19:36— What is your favorite fish to catch?  


20:23—Is there an organization that supports Clean Water across the US?


21:24— What is your favorite app for checking Weather?

Windy, Dark Skies, MyRadarPro, Marine Weather, NOAA Forecast


23:30—Did you ever have the honor of fishing with Lefty Kreh?


24:55—Have you ever refinished a Pushpole before?  Can you salvage a pole that is shedding?


26:01— How can we find and listen to the podcast?  Link to iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play

Ryan Nitz Podcast—


Ryan Nitz on Youtube


28:56— Braid or Mono?  What is your preference?


Cortland Braid link


30:20— What is your favorite boat to fish from and why?


32:44—I have a 10 weight and 12 weight fly rod.  Which do I use for Tuna?


34:10—Do Tuna Plugs work for other fish like a striped Bass?


34:39— Would you recommend a Roadie Yeti?


36:14—Can you flyfish for tuna?


36:31—How do you stay in shape on the road?


38:58—What was your first catch that got you really excited about fishing?


42:30— How do you tie a Flyfishing leader?


Lefty Kreh Leader formula


44:40— What is your biggest fish ever on fly?


46:08—How do you fish without a boat?


48:40—What is your favorite tide phase for targeting bonefish and would that change based on location?


53:19— Do you strip set, trout set or Bill Dance set?


54:58— What is your favorite fly reel?


56:28—What is the best weight fly rod for redfish?


58:27—Any tips on bait or lures for fishing snook in tanic water?


1:01:30— From Facebook- What knots do you use for the custom leaders?


1:04:30—Would you consider creating a saltwater fishing school.  At Hawks Cay maybe?


1:05:04— MY FAVORITE QUESTION—Do fish hide under bridges when it is raining so they don’t get wet?


1:06:30- Should I use a 12 weight or a 14 weight rod for sailfish?


1:09:15—Can you recommend a good resort in Islamorada or Marathon?


1:09:55- Would you try Muskie lures for tarpon?


1:10:05—What are your favorite 3 places to fish in the Florida Keys?


1:13:00— what is your opinion about opening the Goliath Grouper Season or harvesting Goliath Grouper?


1::14:00—Redfish overfishing in the past


1:18:30— Bringing my own boat to the Keys.  Where do I find grouper and snappers?


1:20:00—Chumming with sandballs


1:20:47— Should there be a lottery for Goliath Grouper tags?


1:21:48—What is the best way for a young angler to get his name out there and get sponsors?


1:23:00—More Goliath Grouper talk and questions


1:26:45— What is the best product to hold my 24 Pathfinder in place?


1:27:33—How is the snook population?


1:28:29—Is there any truth to the rumor that there is a new show called the Hawks Cay Chronicles?


1:29:00—How do you get started as a mate?


1:30:25—How do shark tactics differ between Florida and Texas?


1:32:05— What is a good starter boat for the Keys?


1:35:05—What is a good place to find pilchards in the Keys?


1:36:30—Is it possible to chum bonefish closer to your boat?


1:37:50—When are coming to take your old fat friend fishing?


1:39:00—Story about getting a hook in the nose


1:40:05—What is your favorite fishing spot?


1:41:33— Are there fishing camps for kids?

Search Capt. Matt Bud in Jupiter Florida


1:44:12—Can I catch a record Albacore on fly?


1:1:47:00—What is the biggest snook you have ever caught?


1:50—Are there lion fish in the gulf?


1:52:30—How do you catch bigger fish from a bridge, on foot?


1:53:33—What is your go-to when the tide is very low?


1:57:35—If you could only catch one specie for the rest of your life. What would that be?


1:59:00—How often do you fish Islamorada?


2:00:00—Close, THANK YOU!  Incredible questions!


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