Tom Rowland Podcast #0036 - Glenn Housman - Making Trails Through The State Of Florida


Tom Rowland Podcast #0036 - Glenn Housman - Making Trails Through The State Of Florida



When Glenn Housman gets into something, he really goes all in. That is my personality exactly. When I walked into his house, we went back into his “Man Cave” which was a perfectly soundproof garage with a full drum set that looked like it was set up for a Rush concert. I knew that I was going to like this guy. That is how I do things as well.

Glenn not only plays the drums like a professional, but he also has followed his passion to create a new software mapping product called Florida Marine Tracks which is available to run on Lowrance, Simrad and B&G machines. Having experienced the difficulty of navigating the Lower Florida Keys, which I know very well, Glenn began to record his tracks on his GPS and start to envision a product that would allow anyone to safely navigate the difficult areas like the backcountry between Key West and Big Pine.

As his vision became a reality, he collected the best aerial photography and then started running all over the Keys. When I say all over the Keys, I mean he ran everywhere. Every possible way that you can get through areas, he did. He also ran aground a few times. After the Keys were complete, he began running other areas, like the 10,000 Islands and eventually the entire State of Florida.

He has covered 1000’s of miles of inshore water in his skiff and kept these tracks over the years. Now, Florida Marine Tracks sells chips that can go into a Lowrance or Simrad unit and overlay the most incredible aerial photos and the actual safe tracks that Glen has run.

Over the years, Glen found himself stranded in some terrible places, and also floating in the most beautiful areas in Florida.

This was a great conversation with a really cool guy.

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See you on the water,

Tom Rowland

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