Slow Motion How to Tie the Clinch Knot

The Clinch Knot is also called the Fisherman's knot and it is the most widely used knot in fishing.  It is often the first knot that any fisherman learns and has applications throughout fishing in both fresh and saltwater.  

There are really 2 versions of this knot, the clinch and the Improved Clinch.  The Clinch knot is shown above in slow motion with heavy high visibility cord over a black background to make it extremely easy to see how to tie this knot.  There is a second version where the tag end is tucked back through the hole created by the tag going through the space above the hook eye.  In many cases, the Improved clinch is stronger, but it is not always necessary.

I use the Clinch knot for Trout fishing in freshwater, Bonefish, Snappers, Jacks, and general saltwater fishing when I want the hook to be tight to the line and not swing on a loop.  There are situations where I prefer a loop knot to the hook or lure and will use several different loops knots like the Uni Knot, Steve Huff Double Figure 8, Perfection Loop, or Non Slip Mono Loop.  You can click each of those names and see articles and videos on how to tie each of them.  I have over 40 other knot videos on our YouTube channel.  

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