Saltwater Experience- SLO MO TARPON JUMP- St Croix Rod Testing

Jesse Simpkins of St Croix Rods comes down to visit and test some St Croix Mojo Salt and Mojo Inshore rods on the giant tarpon of the Florida Keys.  Mission accomplished!

Check out this SLO MO tarpon jump right next to the boat.  

And this one of Jesse's sister, Mollie, tangling with a moose of a tarpon next to the boat.  Rich thought it was cool.  In the moment, Im not so sure she knew what to think.

Check out Mollie's website at  or on Instagram @fishionista

St Croix Rods are the perfect tool for the Florida Keys Tarpon.  We like so many of the models, but it is hard to beat the Mojo Salt and Mojo Inshore for outstanding quality, incredibly durable boat rods for a charter boat.  Day in and Day out, these things stand up to the abuse of these giant fish and (sometimes) the abuse of the clients.

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St Croix Mojo Salt Rods (Click Here)

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