Experience 300+ Articles

Starting out, I did everything from changing bearings on trailers to taking firewood to camp.  I also got to do some guiding when everyone else was full and when they weren’t it was up to me to go teach fly casting at local guest ranches to try to recruit some trips.

I enjoyed the teaching and the guiding.  Each time I was put in the position of being a guide or teacher, I probably benefitted even more than the person I was teaching or guiding.  I realized that the more people I helped, the better chance I had at being able to continue to do what I loved so much.

From those experiences I wrote each of these articles to help our audience to become a better fishermen. Please reach out with any questions that you would like to have an article on and any articles that you would like me to elaborate on. I enjoy learning, teaching and guiding.

Tight Lines,

Tom Rowland