Experience Electronics

Rich and I both enjoy teaching and learning. I try to learn something about fishing daily and it has become really easy to learn new stuff about electronics lately. Lowrance has continued to evolve and improve marine electronics and we are both continually learning.

Our setup includes 3 16 inch HDS Carbon units plus an additional screen for the Mercury Smart Craft that can be used as another display. I like to run one unit with the Chart in full screen for Navigation and the second unit either with a different view of the navigation (either zoomed in or out so that I can simply glance down rather than having to actually zoom in or out) or a split screen with radar and sonar available. The units are now able to split the screen again and have multiple screens for engine information, navigation stats like distance or time to destination, tide charts or current charts.

Some 3rd parties are producing mapping chips that can make a major difference in the display. My favorite that I have found so far is the chip by Florida Marine Tracks which has by far the best aerial photography and safe navigation lines throughout the State of Florida. The chip is incredible. If you haven’t seen this thing yet, click here to go to their website. It is truly the coolest thing I have seen on a boat in a long time.

There have been so many improvements lately with electronics. As more and more features are added it becomes more important to have a faster processor. Now, I can run multiple applications at once without the unit freezing or lagging. The display has also improved greatly and the units are bigger and brighter than ever before. I can now see the screen with polarized sunglasses on at any time of the day.

We will be writing articles on electronics in the coming weeks. If you have specific questions, please leave them in the comments and we will be sure to give you the best answer we can.