Power Pole | Total Boat Control


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When Rich and I fish for easily spooked fish we like to get to a strategic location and then stake out there and cast for a bit before moving another 20-30 yards and repeating the process. In this case we use our Power-Poles to stop the boat while we wait for the fish to come within casting range. In some cases we will make enough blind casts to cover a stretch of shoreline or a bottom feature - like an oyster bar, sand hole or other structure.

The weather is one of the biggest and most inconsistent factors when it comes to fishing. Changing wind conditions can put the boat in a difficult angle to make a cast to approaching fish. With dual Power-Poles, we are able to not only stop the boat but also to maintain the angle necessary for the best presentation.

The Power-Pole was revolutionary for inshore saltwater fishing and it also revolutionized Bass Fishing. I like the 10 foot models so that I can anchor in virtually any depth of water up to 10 feet.

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