New Charting And Navigation Technology


Be sure to hit the gear Icon and choose maximum viewing quality

The electronics on our new Yellowfin 24 CE is the Lowrance HDS 16 Units (these are brighter, and faster). But I am super excited about the mapping chip, Florida Marine Tracks. It is by far the most accurate and most incredible thing I have seen on any boat.

The way it works is the mapping chip has overlays of arial photos - in the video you can see me pull up a shot of Worldwide Sportsman and you can see the highway, leaves on trees and more. On top of the incredible mapping is the function of safe trails to get to anywhere in the Florida Keys. The red lines displayed on the maps will show you safe running paths. They also did not just run the Florida Keys, but every inch of the state of Florida.

Check out the chip and I promise you it will blow you away.

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