The Advantage Of Binoculars


Be sure to hit the gear Icon and choose maximum viewing quality

Using binoculars in saltwater fishing is one of the most effective ways to find the fish. Whether its inshore or offshore binoculars can really help me find fish more efficiently. I learned at a young age working on charter boats that if you find the birds you find the dolphins. When looking for birds, if you use a 10-powered pair of binoculars you will find ten-times more birds and ten-times more fish.

We use a standard 7/50 set which is perfect because offshore it is kind of rough and you don’t want something that is too powerful, otherwise you can’t hold them steady. The Nikon Binoculars have a compass built into them, if I am looking around and see a bird at 220º then I can go and turn the boat that way, and we are going to get on the fish.

Then for inshore I will use the 10/42 smaller and compact binoculars as it isn’t as rough inshore. On a calm morning I will look for tarpon rolling, on a flat I will look for bonefish or redfish or permit tailing. I will be able to distinguish is that mullet, a stingray, a shark or is it a target species like a bonefish or redfish.

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