Boat Trailer Options And Improvements


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Towing our boats all around the Keys and all over the US. Over the years we have had some issues with our trailers and recently we found Ameratrail and they really take care of our most expensive toy. They upgraded this year and made their great product, even better. The axel has sealed ball bearings which is guaranteed to be maintenance free for 5 years.

The trailer comes with stainless steal lug-nuts, which going into the saltwater if they aren’t stainless steel then they will rust. So that is an awesome feature. Lastly they put on super high quality rollers to protect your boat when it goes on the trailer so it won’t get scratched up. The rollers are super high quality and won’t deteriorate - check out Ameratrail Trailers and get the best trailer to tow around your most expensive toy.

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