Snappers In The Mangroves

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S14:E8 - “Snappers In The Mangroves” (2019)

Tom Rowland & Rich Tudor get back to the basics with a day of Snapper fishing around Florida Bay.

We started off in the Florida Bay, but the water was too muddy to see any Tarpon rolling. With the pilchards we caught that morning we headed over to the islands to catch some snappers. That is what is so nice with the Bay boat, we are able to change plans very quickly if we have the bait regardless of some tough conditions. We headed over to try to catch some snappers for dinner.

It was the perfect day to run back to the Everglades, about 30 minutes away from Hawks Cay Resort and we just explored the islands over there. With the Florida Marine Tracks we were able to maneuver through all the channels. As we were using the trolling motor to go down the shoreline, we could see a deep moat area and then it got progressively more shallow. We went to the shallow point where the biggest Mangrove Snappers would be tucked right up under the base of the roots.

It’s kind of said for Mangrove Snappers that “they are where they are.” You can go down the shoreline and see nothing or maybe one or two and then all of the sudden there is a root ball that sticks out a little further than the others and there may be 400 right there. In that place you will have a tornado of snappers under that shade that is provided and where it is just a little deeper in the spot. So that is where we went and were able to bring in some really beautiful Snappers.

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As always, we had Jason Stemple with us to document this trip in ultra high quality still photos.  Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

See you on the water,

Capt. Rich Tudor & Capt. Tom Rowland