Paddleboard Everglades

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S14:E11 - “Paddleboard Everglades” (2019)

Captains Tom & Rich try something new by using paddleboards in the Everglades to sneak up on Snook.

We have these awesome new paddle boards and have been trying to find a new place to use them. On this particular day we found the place on one of those days when the conditions are very difficult. For us, we found one of the most difficult situations - which is when a cold front comes through, the wind cranks 25-30 from the north and the fish are grumpy and uncomfortable and don’t want to play the game. Luckily there is something for every condition and we loaded up the paddle boards on the Manta Racks on our Yellowfin and headed over to explore a new area we'd never been.

We used the Florida Marine Tracks chip to gain some confidence in the area we were going to explore and we adventured deep into the mangroves with our Vibe paddle boards. I was able to reel in a snook pretty quickly, even though it was hard to see in that water, I was able to see this snook with his eyeballs almost out of the water and I was able to be really quiet on the paddle board and reel him in.

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As always, we had Jason Stemple with us to document this trip in ultra high quality still photos.  Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

See you on the water,

Capt. Rich Tudor & Capt. Tom Rowland