Sun Protection and Multifunctional Head Gear


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As a fishing guide you have to really protect yourself from the sun - if you are outside every day you have to be very careful. It used to be Zinc-Oxide Sunscreen, you would see guides cover themselves completely with this stuff to avoid sunburn. But one time I was guiding and I had a customer come and say his wife bought him this thing and he let me try it on. It was a Buff Multifunctional Headgear and within minutes of putting it on I know it was a game changer.

For most of the day I will wear it around my neck until I feel like I am getting too much sun, then I will put on my sunglasses and pull up the head gear over my ears so it protects all sides of my face from the sun. There is over 50+ sunscreen in the newest Buff CoolNet UV Plus, it has a four-way stretch so it is way more comfortable, and it is made from recycled plastic. It takes 2 water bottles to make these, it is awesome. If you are going to spend your lifetime in the sun, you need to be safe and now we have gear to help us stay comfortable and protected.

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